Give Me My Burger! (Please and thank you)

I recently reintroduced meat back into my diet and I can’t deny how happy it makes me. That being said, I don’t prepare it at home because my fear of salmonella and E.Coli is enough that I refuse to handle raw meat (don’t make that dirty, you pervs). So it has become a treat for me. To go out with friends, wait for my meal to arrive as if by magic and then have something I could never cook myself set in front of me is awesome. It makes me do the food dance. 

Me demonstrating The Food Dance.

Note: The Food Dance is when something is so delicious you start to dance as if whatever is going on in your mouth is actually a little Samba band and you just can’t help but dance in your chair. I have been known to do this dance repeatedly in public, on dates, in my room and on my lunch break… again, in public.

So what’s the number one combo of meat and wheat? The burger. I have amazing memories from my childhood of getting out of the pool on a summer’s day and arriving to a table of homemade hamburgers. My parents make great burgs. However, the buns grilled ever so gracefully on the BBQ are obviously a big no-no, so what’s a girl to eat?

Well, first of all, being lazy and hungry, I know there are two spots (that I have tried thus far) that offer gluten-free hamburger buns in Vancouver; Milestone’s and The Wallflower. Having already tried Milestone’s GF burger, which you can read at my friend’s yum inspiring blog, I opted for The Wallflower. Almost all of their dishes can be ordered Gluten-Free (for a dollar charge) and their Hot Head burger (lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, jalapeños, havarti cheese and Cajun mayo) fit the bill for my Sunday Funday.

It was a crowded little joint, lovely staff and a laid back atmosphere with old black and white movies playing in the background but my mind was on food.  The fries were great, the salad dressing was great, the meat was juicy and well cooked but the bun was a little lackluster for me. I wanted soft and chewy and instead got firm (often a problem in gluten-free baking) and crumbly. I will go back to give the other GF items a try as they might win me over with a really great sandwich bread or even some Mac n’ Cheese. I think it’s possible to make a better hamburger bun but I will have to put my research glasses on and find a way. To the kitchen (that is my new catch phrase by the way)!

The Wallflower

2420 Main Street, Vancouver, B.C

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